Ranveer Singh is a force of nature. He single-handedly changed how we look at the male lead of Bollywood. From his unique dress sense to his down-to-earth nature, Singh has something to cater to everyone.  And one aspect that nobody speaks about is Ranveer Singh’s dancing skills. Ranveer has the acting chops and the dancing chops to give everyone else a run for their money. He has evolved with his roles and could soon be the answer to the question, Who is the best dancer in Bollywood. Until that time,

 Five most popular dance performances by Ranveer Singh.

  • Kya Karoon Mein Ladies (Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl)

Ranvir Singh’s debut, when he was an unknown quantity and quality.  In such a scenario, his song Kya Karoon Oh Ladies was a chartbuster.  It had him doing some awesome steps to the song. Ranveer’s boyish charm took us by storm, and that’s a whole new story. The song would have been a difficult choreography, as it wasn’t just introducing Ranveer but the character of a charming con-man. That Ranveer pulled it off with the song still running on channels tells us about his dance prowess.

  • Ude Dil Befikre (Befikre)

    Befikre was another young, frothy coming-of-age movie from the YRF studio. Ranveer Singh had Vani Kapoor accompany him for the songs. One of the most popular songs was Befikre, which still runs rampant on the music channels today. Ude Dil Befikre is a soft aggro song. It is one that you hear when groups are looking to practice dance steps, or in the dance classes.
  • Khalibhali

Ranveer Singh had hit the big leagues long before he did a Khalibali, but the controversial movie and the controversial character that he played is still one of the best. And this song was the one thing that the audience needed to understand the animalistic greed that Ranveer Singh’s character was all about in Padmaavat.

  • Malhari

And if Ranveer played the evil villain to the hilt, he played the protagonist with equal ease, when he danced to Malhari in the other epic he was part of, Bajirao Mastani. In this song, as was the case in Khalibali, a proud, happy leader celebrates with his soldiers.

  • Aankh Maare (Simmba)

Few can make a remix their own, but Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan did just that with Aankh Maare from Simba. This was a hip, young chartbuster back in the day, and Ranveer Singh and Khan’s innovative dance steps ensured that the song had the same success today as well.

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