During his time, no actor had the youthful fervour and swag that Bobby Deol had. Coming from a filmy family, Bobby Deol had the choice to pick his projects. Bobby has done several movies, and each of them had a unique story and catered to a select audience.

Apart from some mainstream movies that Bobby did during the nineties, you won’t find many questionable choices when it comes to his films in Bollywood. It’s unfortunate that we don’t see a lot of him now. He made a comeback of sorts with Salman Khan’s Race 3. More importantly, he also starrred in the Netflix Original Class of ’83.

Here’s a list of Bobby Deol’s best movies:

  • Soldier:

This was Bobby Deol’s out and out action movie that has achieved a cult status by now. The movie starred him as a man who’s out for revenge against the people who killed his parents. It was a stylish, modern movie – one of the many that Bobby Deol would star in as his career progressed.

  • Kareeb:

This was Bobby Deol’s love drama, and was very popular among the lovebirds back in the day. The songs still find their way in the playlists today. Bobby Deol did an excellent job of playing a young man who’s fallen in love, but doesn’t know it as yet.

  • Badal:

Badal won Bobby Deol the Filmfare Best Debut award. The movie was a commercial and critical success and had him play a villager who is caught between criminals, terrorists and whatnot. The movie was a bit violent for its time. The mainstream liked this one, though.

  • Humraaz

Bobby Deol had a knack for acting in thrillers and mysteries. Though he never did an out and out murder mystery, he did work on some very interesting thrillers, and Humraaz was one of them. In Humraaz, Bobby plays a rich businessman who falls in love withn an entertainer at his Yacht, Priya. Priya has a boyfriend though, Karan. All three then embroil in a web of deceit and lies.

  • Apne:

Apne was one of the few sports movies that we have seen. It starred all three, Dharmendra, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol as a family of boxers who face several issues in life – inside the ring and outside it. The movie was a  smash and runaway hit. Critics still remember it as one of the finest performances of all three.

These are some of the best movies starring Bobby Deol. Bobby is active since the past three decades and bOllywood, and we are sure he’s got a lot more movies to enthrall us with.

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