Bhumi Pednekar has been part of some awesome movies, youth oriented, with stories that connect with the new generation. These movies generally are the perfect platform for some intense and epic dance performances. In this article, we look at:

the top 5 Bhumi Pednekar dance performances in Bollywood.

  • Dheeme Dheeme

Bhumi Pednekar shakes a leg with Karthik Aryan in this song. The song is from the remake, Pati, Patni aur Woh.  It has the three leads dance to this song,  Bhumi, Karthik and Ananya. The scenario of the dance song is dual. One is in a disco, and another is a local party that could be a wedding or some other celebration, with Bhumi being part of the latter.

  • Akhiyon Se Goli Maare

Again, Karthik, Anany and Bhumi are part of a song from Pati, Patni aur Woh and this time it is a remix of a classic Govinda song, which means that all three have to be have their energetic best. Bhumi aces the dance.  When the song released, it was a given that there would be comparisons to the original, zestful performance of Govinda and Raveena Tandon. However, Bhoomi, Ananya and Karthik carried the song well, making it one of the most popular songs on the playlists.

  • Dard Karara

Dard Karara is a song from Bhumi Pednekar’s debut, Zor Lagake Haisha. The movie had her play a unique character, and this song picturisation is unique as well,  as it is a harkback to the choreography and the sensibilities of the nineties. Bhumi, once again, aces both of them.  This song is one for the ages.

More Top Bhumi Pednekar Songs


Womaniya is a unique movie with Bhumi and Taapsee in a unique getup. That’s because they are playing two sixty year olds. But that doesn’t mean that they didn’t get the opportunity to dance to some foot-tapping music, like the one in Womaniya. The song has them playing their characters of old women, and celebrating their freedom, skill and the opportunity that they have got.

  • Don’t Be Shy

Don’t Be Shy is from Bala, and a Badshah remix of an old but happening song. Bhumi shakes a leg to this song with Ayushmann Khurana.  It’s interesting to see that most of the songs that Bhumi has performed in are crowd songs, that means there are several other artistes with her, and even so, she stands out and makes an impact to the audience.  In this song, even with Badshah and Ayushmann being at the top of their game, Bhumi still succeeds in creating a flutter.

These are the top five Bhumi Pednekar songs. Do you think we left out any? Not happy with the rankings? Tell us in the comments section. Did you like this list? Bookmark for more.