Dancers come in various shapes ad sizes. The Bollywood industry is blessed to be able to have such talented people working in it. These celebrities have a fan following not only because of the movie they are in but also for their talents besides acting. Here are some dancers with the beauty and talent that is unbeatable. Bollywood is incomplete without songs and dance sequences. These are actresses from the black and white era.

There are the Best Actress And Dancers From The Black And White Era.


Vjayanthimala is one of the most prominent actresses. She is well known for her roles in the south and also in Bollywood. The was one of the actresses from the golden era. She has had a dance faceoff in the movie Amrapali. She performed dance styles like Bharatnatyam Alirupp, Semiclassical Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Cabaret, Bhangra folk and many more. Sharing the screen with Dilip Kumar, Sunil Dutt & Raj Kapoor did not dull her sparkle. She still stands out.  There is no match for Vjayanthimala even today.


Nargis dances as beautifully as she looks. Her moves are filled with admirable grace and there is no comparison for something so graceful. She has won a Padma Shri and the first actress the ever receive the award ‘National award for the best actress’ is Nargis.

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Madhubala is drop-dead beautiful. She owns the tag of ‘The Venus of the Indian Cinema’ and also ‘The beauty with tragedy’. She has faced various struggles but that did not stop her from acting. Moreover, it resulted in her being a fabulous actor.

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Nutan Samarth

Nutan has won 5 Film fare awards for being the best actress. She has been a part of movies that portray her as a versatile actress. Effortless performing even after undergoing immense heartbreaks. Never portraying it on the screens and giving the best Nutan gave us a childhood to remember.   

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Meena Kumari

Meena Kumari is a name enough to know her work. Her name is remembered for all the work and entertainment she has gifted us with through the screen. She is the ‘Tragedy Queen’ and ‘Cindrella of Indian Films’. In her movies she wanted only Lata Mangeshkar to sing for her.


Rekha is one of the finest jewels of our industry. Being a star in more than 180 movies solely tells us a lot about her success. She holds National Film Award and Three Film Fare Awards. Rekha is a true beauty that never fades.

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