Sussanne Khan has been away from the limelight for a while and like everyone else in the lockdown, she’s been using her social media accounts more than the normal. And now, Sussanne has confirmed that she was the victim of an Instagram hack.

Apparently, she clicked on a fake link that purported itself to be from Instagram. Sussanne immediately got a hint that the link was a fake one and contacted Instagram. Instagram, on its part, was quick to bring the account back.

For a while, several Bollywood celebrities have been victims of a social media hack, and that has had some serious repercussions for them. It’s good to see that Sussanne has successfully stayed away from this controversy.

This is another instance for us to remember not to click on any link that looks suspicious, as that would help the hackers in getting information about your social media accounts. The modus operandi is simple. If a celebrity’s account is the subject of the hack, they deface it.

Sussanne Khan and Hrithik Roshan have captured their fan’s minds by staying on good terms after the divorce.  That’s something refreshing for Bollywood. Hollywood has several such instances. But this was there the first time a  Bollywood couple remained good friends even after divorce.