Huma Qureshi is part of some of the most popular and critically acclaimed movies and series. Qureshi is  now on the streaming scene with Maharani, a web series that’s won critical acclaim.

Here’s a look at the top performances by Huma Qureshi

  • Gangs of Wasseypur 

No movie has been more influential on Bollywood in this decade than the Gangs of Wasseypur franchise. Director Anurag Kashyap was so confident and passionate about the movie. He announced the sequel in the first movie itself. He did that before the Baahubali franchise.

Huma Qureshi played a small but important role and stood out in the eclectic cast that comprised of some of the best actors in Bollywood. Interestingly, Gangs of Wasseypur also had Richa Chaddha. She played the role of a mother – though both Richa and Huma are somewhat of the same age.

  • Leila

Leila is a Netflix Original that has Huma Qureshi play a rich, urbane woman who’s fighting against everything that’s wrong with the country. The series is an intense, gripping ne – and something that is too close to comfort. Qureshi does an excellent job of playing the character. That the series ends on a cliffhanger hints at a sequel. And if there’s ever one, we will be the first to line up.  Qureshi came to Netflix when streaming was at its  boiling point.

  • Desh Ishqiya

Perhaps one of the most meatier roles that she has had, apart from Mahaarani on Sony LIV. She plays the companion of a rich woman – who is looking for a suitor. But of course, this is a movie about con men and anything that you see is not what it seems.  In the movie, she shared screenspace with the likes of Madhuri Dixit, Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warshi, and gave all of them excellent company.

More Huma Qureshi Movies:

  • Maharaani

Maharaani is an age old tale of Indian politics. And still, the likes of Hum Qureshi, Kamal Sial and others take this one to another level.  Huma Qureshi plays a housewife who’s thrust into the world of politics at the behest of her husband, the Chief Minister of Bihar. Huma does an excellent job of ensuring that the character evolution is realistic and something that the audience can get behind.

  • Badlapur

A small but strong character, that was what Huma Qureshi was in Badlapur. Badlapur was a smash hit, and introduced the audience to a whole new Varun Dhawan in a neo-noir movie told a timeless tale of revenge and everything that comes out of it. Once again, Qureshi did an excellent job in movie that Dhawan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui owned with their intense performances.

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