Tabu, critics consider to be one of the best actresses in India. She was very active in the nineties, but still has fewer movies than her contemporaries. It’s true that Tabu hasn’t been part of many mainstream movies. It is also true that the movies that Tabu signed up, most of them were successes. In this article, we look at all the times that Tabu danced her heart out and captured the audiences’.

Top Tabu Dance Performances

  • Aaiye Aapka Interzaar Tha

Tabu performed this iconic dance performance that’s famous with dance enthusiasts all over India even today. In this song, she’s crooning her love to Ajay Devgn’s character in the movie. This song was a rage back then and finds some airplay even today on the music channels that play retro songs. Another song that features Tabu and Ajay Devgn, and this time its a soft, romantic song that has a sensual quality to it. Watching these songs, you get an idea of the Bollywood music scene in the nineties.

  • Rang De

Rang De is another iconic song from an iconic movie, and the words for the songs are by an iconic singer, Asha Bhosale. This is another of the songs that made Tabu much more popular than she already was back in the day. Again, she’s paired with Ajay Devgn in this movie.

  •  Paayalein Chun Mun

In the early 2000s, Anil Kapoor and Tabu were part of a runaway success, Virasat. The movie was a intensely emotional one. It not only had an incredible storyline, but also laudable performances. It also had some iconic scenes, not to mention foottapping and memorable music. Tabu’s character was refreshing, and it was this song that was one of the reasons why the audience fell in love with the character.

  • Ruk Ruk Ruk

But the song that introduced the bubbly actress to a whole new audience was Ruk Ruk Ruk, which became a legit sensation back in the day. In the nineties, it was pretty routine for small time advertisers to rip off popular songs and Ruk Ruk Ruk became one of the most common songs to have ripoffs.

  • Kiska Chehra

Tarkeib is a suspense movie, and it features Tabu in song that Jagjit Singh sang for the movie. This is a slow paced, but beautifully rendered song with some of the most hearteaching lyrics that Jagjit Singh renders. This isn’t a dance song, but nevertheless,  Shabana Azmi’s niece looks like a million bucks – effortlessly.

These are the top five Tabu songs from Bollywood. Do you agree with this list? Do you think we should add some? Tell us in the comments section. Did you like this article? Bookmark us on for more interesting lists like these.