Adipurush is the next big mythological movie that will hit the theaters. The movie stars Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and others. It’s an Om Raut directorial, who earlier gave us Tanhaji. The audience as well as the industry is pretty pepped up about the movie. Rumor says that the movie is about the life and times of Ravana and therefore, Ram. There’s no official word on the female lead, but earlier, there were rumors that Anushka Sharma or Kiara Advani would play the female lead.

Saif Ali Khan is part of Adipurush

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Now, the makers have revealed that Adipurush will release in November 2022, which is a good two years from now. In Bollywood, it’s unprecedented to announce a movie two years before the actual release date. Even Baahubali, arguably the most successful period/mythos movie to date, didn’t have that kind of hype until it became a pan-Indian phenomenon in its own right.


Until now, we haven’t seen a teaser trailer or a trailer that shows us the first look of the characters. The cast of Saif and Prabhas has stoked us, though.


Prabhas plays the main character in Adipurush

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It’s good to see that Indian producers are now looking for mega-budget movies that have a different storyline and takes from India’s mythos. All this was impossible until Baahubali turned the tide when it released and made such movies a possibility and a reality.


Adipurush to Release on November 2022


It’s a misconception that Bollywood doesn’t have mythological movies. Mythological movies were a big chunk of the movies in the forties. Only in the fifties and sixties did Bollywood find their ‘modern heroes’. Until then, the protagonists in the movies were the protagonists in the books – Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, and others.


In fact, for the longest of times, the Bollywood movie with the most successful run at the box office was Jai Santoshi Maa, a movie about the Goddess Santoshi Maa.


Somewhere along the line, producers looked at movies that required smaller budgets, and the modern Bollywood movie was born.  Since the nineties, we don’t really have many mythological movies, but there’s an uptick in the trend of making period movies and movies that depict historical battles or instances from India’s history.  We have  Jodha Akbar, Padmaavat, Mohenjo Daro, and the Om Raut directorial Tanhaji.


What Bollywood doesn’t have, as yet, is a stellar superhero franchise. Bollywood has tried to make inroads into this genre, with Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish and Tiger Shroff’s A Flying Jatt,  but we need more.