Sonu Nigam is an award winning singer from Bollywood. Today, he can to pick and choose songs that he wants to croon. He is one of the veteran playback singers in Bollywood, who have had a glorious past in the nineties. Like Udit Narayan, Sonu Nigam was also famous as Shah Rukh Khan’s voice. This happened after the extremely popular ‘Yeh Dil’ from Pardes, which featured his voice and Shah Rukh Khan.

The Top Sonu Nigam Songs

  • Ab Mujhe Raat Din

Sonu Nigam has carved a niche for himself in the audience’s heart with his deep, melodious voice. Not just that,  he has an incredible hold on the lilt and haw of a tune. Ab Mujhe Raat Din starts out a low melody that pitches high as the lyrics move from being real to emotional. Sonu does an excellent job of bringing a gamut of emotions to the song. The interesting part about this song is that it is from a music video, which makes it one of the most famous non-movie song.

  • Meri Duniya Hai

Meri Duniya Hai is from Vaastav, one of the most violent movies in Bollywood. It features Sanjay Dutt and Namrata Shirodkar. The song is a welcome respite from all the violence that the movie has. It is actually one of the only bright spots of the movie. Sonu’s voice successfuly brings out the pathos of the doomed characters on screen, making them all the more endearing to the audience.

  • Suraj Hua Maddham

Suraj Hua Maddham is one of the lesser Sonu Nigam songs that feature Shah Rukh Khan, but nevertheless it’s an fantastic experience, looking at how Sonu controls the tune and brings out the best form of it with the ease of a veteran. This is a romantic ballad, and the meaningful lyrics create a heady concoction with a music composition that pulls at the heartstrings of an audience that’s ready to fall in love all over again.

More Top Sonu Nigam Songs

  • Abhi Mujhme Hai Kahin

Abhi Mujhme Hai Kabhi is from Agneepath, and had some legit PR when the it first hit the channels. Sonu had a rare collaboration with Hrithik Roshan with this movie. Again, Agneepath is one of the most violent movies in Bollywood, and Sonu’s  talented voice is one of the few warm spots in this movie.

  • Sau Dard Hai

Sau Dar Ha is my favorite out of all Sonu Nigam songs. That’s because the song is a classic case of the music and the rendition being better than the lyrics and the audience still falling in love with the song. Sau Dard Hai starts out with the frustration of a lover who’s out of sorts and Sonu successfully keeps up the tempo throughout the song.

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