Bollywood has evolved and so has the glamor quotient. What was once known as the item song,  has now given way to the glamor song.  The glamor song has a hook step. It is not sleazy. The song is a mind worm musical composition. It also ensures that the memories of the song remain with the people for a long time to come. Without further ado, here’s a list of

The Top 5 Glamor Songs in Bollywood

  • Laila Mein Laila (Raeez)

Sunny Leone dances to this song in Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. The song is an iconic one. It was originally part of the Feroz Khan movie Qurbani, with Zeenat Aman adding the glamor quotient to the song and the film. While in Qurbaani it was just a piece, in Raees, the song is a front for SRK’s character to assassinate his enemies.

  • Haaye Garmi (Street Dancer)

Haaye Garmi is a disco/item song featuring Nora Fatehi and is a unique one at that. It doesn’t have sleazy dialogues or even sleazy dance steps. It’s just the natural, young sensuality that Varun and Nora have that makes this song one of the top ones on this list.

  • Paani Wala Dance (Kuch Kuch Locha Hai)

We don’t have a lot many cool songs, and that’s bad. Well, Sunny Leone decided this was true and has been in some pool songs, and the Paani Wala Dance is one of the most sensual out of all of them. Sunny is dancing through the entire song in an almost there bikini, and the choreography is young, vibrant, and tells the story that fits well with the audience.  The song is from Kuch Kuch Locha Hai, a long-forgotten movie that starred Ram Kapoor and Sunny Leone.

More Top Glamor Songs

  • Deedar De (Challang)

It’s difficult to bracket Deedar De from Challang. It’s a remix, and the fact of the matter is that it was very prominent in the dance bars that spotted Mumbai during the nineties and twenties. Nushratt Bharucha does an amazing job with this song,  as she matches steps with an aggressive choreography and new-gen dance steps.

  • Care Ni Karda (Challang)

Trust Nushratt Bharucha and Rajkummar Rao to have the chemistry to make a funjabi romantic song into something sensual and glamorous enough. There’s not a lot of dance in here, but the nuances that both Rao and Nushratt show, this is an unbeatable song when it comes to passive-aggressive sensuality.

These are the top glamor songs in Bollywood. Did you like this list? Tell us in the comments section. Do you think we missed someone? Well, tell us in the comments section. Want in on more lists like this one? Visit us at