Bollywood has portrayed India’s charm, culture, and tradition in movies too. Bollywood portrays those dance forms beautifully.

Here are some Bollywood Movies That Have Portrayed Folk Dances Beautifully. Bollywood is known for producing feature films and dance sequences which are an integral part of films across the country. Bollywood is incomplete without songs and dance sequences.

India is a land of the most diverse cultures and traditions in the world. India has a vast range of Dance forms and that is why the folk dances’ style, dress, artists, etc change in India from region to region.  There is one dance in almost every state for the time of harvest. Folk dances are forms of expression, performed to reflect the happiness, sorrow, and different mood of society.

In the late ’50s & ’60s group dances began to evolve in Bollywood films & choreographers started managing larger groups of dancers, with influences from folk dances. Many western dance styles like rock and roll, Western Pop, Twist came into Bollywood Cinema. 

The celebrities have to undergo a lot of training sessions to learn the perfect choreography and they need a lot of practice for it. We have dancers in our industry as a result of the dancing skills they have earned huge success and a lot of fan following.

  • Bajirao Mastani

The song ‘Pinga’ Stars iconic Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. PeeCee and Dp look in those typical traditional nine-yard sarees. Priyanka and Deepika did justice to the choreography.   Bajirao Mastani is one of the few movies of Bollywood that has done such an amazing job portraying the beauty of Maharashtrian folk dance.

Peecee Chopra Jonas and Deepika Padukone are now making waves in Hollywood.  They have turned in more fans after their performance in Pinga with dance-off in similar sarees. Choreographer Remo D’Souza was nominated at the Filmfare Awards and won the Producers Guild Film Award for Best Choreography for the performance. 

Top 5 Bollywood Movies that are based on Dance

  • Mission Kashmir

Beautiful women of Kashmir perform ‘Rouff‘. The movie Mission Kashmir stars  Preity  Zinta.  She has performed Rouff beautifully in ‘Bumro Bumro‘.

  • Bhool Bhulaiya

In the song ‘Mere Dholna’, We see Vidya Balan performing Odissi. Odissi is a classical dance form of India. It is from Odissa and you see it there on a large scale.  Vidya Balan has done an amazing job performing Odissi. 

  • Padmavati

Ghoomar is a popular Indian traditional dance. This is why Women perform this dance form and you see them performing this in Rajasthan on occasions. Deepika performs ‘Ghoomar’ gracefully in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s, Padmavati.  Movies are made with maximum inspiration from the stories. Folk Dance has always played a vital role in movies. We can see classical dance was an essential part of every late-era film.

Top 5 Bollywood Movies that are based on Dance

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