India has been home to several new concepts that became a big thing, especially in the media and entertainment space.  We have seen several apps that gained prominence for a while and then petered off. But one of those many apps, Tiktok, had a sudden and controversial exit.

Several homegrown apps came up to bridge the gap.  Very few of them survived for more than a few months. But in a few weeks, India will see the launch of an entertainment app that’s starkly different from all the other dance video apps that you have seen – Chuzi.

Best Video Dance Challenge App for Hip Hop Dance

Dance fans will say that Chuzi is the best dance video app, and there are several reasons why. To begin with, Chuzi is a unique app that not just allows users to create and upload their dance videos. Chuzi app is the only one that allows them to challenge other users who upload videos on the app – making it a unique dance video challenge app, something the Indian audiences haven’t seen yet.

Chuzi - The Best Dance Video App Will Launch Soon

The dance video challenge on the Chuzi app has exciting prizes that make it worthwhile for the contestant to sign up with the Chuzi app. The App will also launch their social media profiles soon, that will give the latest news, views and goss related to the world of dance, music and movies.

What You Will Get When You Enroll with the Chuzi App

This App will also turn out to be the best dance video app.  It’s not just streaming dance videos, but hosting interviews with other mercurially famous dance performers. And not just that, the app will also feature interviews of dance performers who are gaining popularity on the local level and show promise.

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