Dance challenge apps are becoming  a big thing all over the world, including India.  Tiktok introduced people to a whole new world of viral digital entertainment about user generated content. When Tiktok left India, people were looking for an option, resulting in several trending dance challenge apps in India. However, because they launched in a jiffy, they didn’t have everything in place. Some of them had a date in court. However, that doesn’t mean that India doesn’t have a trending dance challenge app.  We do have one the World Dance Challenge App.

The World Dance Challenge is a global movement. It provides a platform to some of the most talented dancers and artists.  The process is simple. Dancers from all over the world first send their audition via video. Next, the dancers decide to put their money where their passion in, and decide to join the entourage of other dancers. The dance competitions are usually set in a country with a lot of tourist interest.  In the end, there’s a gala programme and 20 of the most talented dancers win cash prizes and recognition.

For those who would like to know more, you can keep a tab on the proceedings via the app that is now available for free.  That’s a good opportunity for upcoming dancers, who will be able to get an idea how such competition works. Dance competitions have been part of India since a long time. Some of the older Bollywood movies have had actual dance competitions as their story’s moot point. In some movies, dance and song competitions were were where the male and female leads fall in love, or even where the male lead first meets the antagonist. In some murder mysteries and thrillers, the dance competition would be the scene just before the climax.

All About the World Dance Challenge App

The World Dance Challenge app is a popular one.  India is looking for a platform that would allow them to throw up a dance challenge from the confines of their homes. We don’t really have an app that does that. We do have apps that teach dance, and apps that tell us about the various types of dance, but none allow us to throw a dance challenge to each other.

India has a vibrant history of dance and the performance arts, and it all works towards creating a great culture of performing arts to express oneself. Proof of that are the several dance competition series that are currently live on so many channels.

The World Dance Challenge App is one of the most popular and successful dance competitions that take the dancers all over the world. Now, the movement has an app, which allows you to track the position of your favourite dancer. The app is now available on Google Play. We love it as well.

Here’s what the World Dance Challenge App has:

  • Download the app from the Playstore
  • Get updates of the qualifiers
  • Check out the Schedule
  • Watch the Live Schedule