Due to the pandemic, one has been spending a lot of time on the computer in a room probably at home. Which results in a slower metabolism, weaker bones, and overall sluggishness. To not get into that zone you can dance it out. Dancing for pleasure or by following a routine can be a great way to get a workout in without feeling like you’re doing just that with a trending dance challenge app. 

Here are the top trending dance challenge apps:

1) Crazy Flamenco

Crazy Flamenco is one of the best free dancing apps for android and iOS users. You can easily celebrate your weekends with your friends and family using this app. It helps you to easily learn different dance and dance steps to show your friends you dance skill. You can easily upload your photo with the phone’s camera and easily make a dance video using this app to share with your friends. 

2) Just dance now

Just dance now is easy to use and the easiest way to learn dance online on your mobile device. You can easily dance anytime and anywhere with this amazing dancing app on your android or iOS device. There are more than 200 songs you can easily choose any of them and easily learn the dance steps easily. It allows you unlimited access to the entire catalog of songs and easily hosts an unlimited number of dance sessions.

3) Step Dance

 Step Dance is popular dancing apps for android users. It’s a free and easy to use app which allows you to learn more about the legacy and culture of Step Dancing. All dance forms are listed in video format so that you can easily learn them by following the steps as in the video.


STEEZY Studio is a popular and free dancing app for android and iOS users that helps you to learn dance without joining any dance classes or institute. It has listed dance lessons and tutorials with HD video quality so that you can easily get them and learn dance at your home. It provides unlimited video tutorials so if you’ve ever felt lost or confused then get it from a video tutorial. Dance lessons are listed on many levels and styles, you have to learn them step by step.

5) Learn Bhangra

Learn Bhangra is a good dance app that helps you to learn Punjabi bhangra dance for free. It has listed different bhangra moves and steps so that anyone can easily learn it without joining any bhangra classes. This app also provides 30 days fitness plan to all of its users. This plan names as The Bhangra Workout which has listed instructional videos with workout routines so that you can easily learn the bhangra in 30 days. One of the best features of this app is to provide an option to track your progress report for your bhangra dance, something that we all love her at Bechuzi.com

What makes these apps trend:

  • Easy to use.
  • Has enough to offer to users.
  • There’s Bhangra!