The mobile phone has replaced several aspects of our life. We watch movies, listen to music, shop, read, and of course, interact with friends, family and create new contacts. Until now, what we haven’t done, is take part in online, real-time, talent challenges and grab the spotlight.

Now, Chuzi, in collaboration with V Company, brings to you Who Is?, a unique dance video challenge that you can access via phone, tablet, and PC.

How Who Is Works

  • Create a video that showcases your dance talent.
  • Download the Chuzi app, available for Android and the iPhone, and Sign Up.
  • Upload the video on the app, under the #WhoIs tab.
  • Challenge other content creators.

Who Is isn’t just a platform where you can upload your content and let it blow with the wind. Chuzi and Who Is is an online dance platform of dance performers, by dance performers, and for dance performers. Every day, your dance video will be viewed by countless fans of the dance art form and dance performers from all over the world.

By uploading your dance challenge video, you get a chance to feature on the Featured Spotlight of the app and promote your talent on a global level.

Once you have uploaded your video, do your best to promote it, tell your friends, acquaintances, and accomplices that you are now part and challenger of India’s newest online dance video challenges.

Judges of Who Is

The most unique aspect of the Who Is Dance Video  Challenge is the judges.  With Who Is and Chuzi app, the kingmakers, the ones who decide who is the best among the best dance talents are the audience themselves.

The Chuzi App will be available on the Google Playstore and the Apple Store soon. To be tagged in on the latest updates of the Chuzi App and Who Is, subscribe using the link below:

Chuzi App – BeChuzi