Due to the pandemic, one has been spending a lot of time on the computer in a room probably at home. Which results in a slower metabolism, weaker bones, and overall sluggishness. To not get into that zone you can dance it out. Can do it alone or with your family. Dancing for pleasure or by following a routine can be a great way to get a workout in without feeling like you’re doing just that.

Here are 5 dance apps you can download now.

1) Just Dance Now

This app offers over 500 popular songs to which you would otherwise dance while on a night out. If fitness is your focus, the app also tells you the fitness stats of your session, and allows you to connect it to other health-related apps too.

2) STEEZY Studio: Learn to Dance

Just pick a pace that works for you and choose from a host of great dancers and instructors to help you not just ape the moves but learn the fundamentals, step by step. It offers over 600 classes that include Hip-Hop and House but also lets you try other forms like Krumping and Popping. Simple but useful custom features let you control the speed, loop moves, and more.

3) Learn Bhangra

If you love dancing to Punjabi music and want to get your heart racing, Bhangra is a great dance form that can count as a high-intensity workout. The steps are demonstrated on this app through a cardiovascular exercise format, and if you have no clue about Bhangra dancing, the instructor breaks down each step to get you started.

4) Dance with Madhuri

The app—helmed by Madhuri Dixit—offers more than 30 different dance styles and has over 2500 lessons with videos from celebrity Bollywood instructors and professional dancers. The dance styles include Folk, Latin, and Ballroom.

5) Zumba Dance Exercise Offline

If you have been missing your group classes, download this app to get started with Zumba workouts at home, and we are fans of Zumba. The steps are easy to follow even for beginners and the app offers detailed tutorials that will also help you learn a dance routine simultaneously.

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Why these apps are famous:

  • You can learn dance.
  • Madhuri Dixit is teaching you to dance?
  • You can learn zumba!