With Tiktok out of the way, the market for short videos became instantly available in India. We had some Tiktok alternative apps opening up – and closing down almost immediately. Now that the dust has settled down,  two Indian apps provide snackable, short video content to the audience and one of them is the Moj App.

All About Moj App

Moj, which in Hindi means fun, is the latest short videos app available in India. It is fast gaining traction.  The app is also part of all movie and song promotions that we have seen in a couple of months. What does Moj do? Pretty much everything Tiktok did. What’s more, Moj is an Indian app, so its not going anywhere, as its by an Indian company.

Why Moj Seems to be a Good Bet

Currently, Moj has a robust program to approve which video should go live on their platform. To begin with, they have an intricate program and policies in place, to ensure that the best quality and concepts of short videos make their way to the Moj video platform.

The good part about Moj is that it has a good design and seems to have the wherewithal to survive the issues that make app development all the more difficult. When Tiktok went its way, several apps came up, but they instantly had several issues, including litigation. One of the most important aspects of a short video sharing platform right now is about soundtracks. This was the reason the glut of apps that launched post Tiktok’s exit didn’t survive for a long time.

Why we like Moj App

The app is catching our attention because of the celebrity tieups that it has already, making its growth almost equivalent to Tiktok. It has an organic growth as well. What’s really interesting is that the company is in the process of hiring an army of administrators to ensure that the video content is of quality and doesnt go against any guidelines and rules and regulations.  Right now, Moj offers a unique offering to its users, that’s a mix of every short video platform, from Dubmash to Tiktok.

  • Dubbing Videos
  • Real Celebrity Videos
  • Original Short Videos

The Other App:

Competitions Tiktok Alternatives

Moj has a lot of competition by the big leagues.There’s IGTV, Facebook Video, Youtube videos and even Roposo. Three out of these names have numbers in the billions, so Moj does have a hard task to create a fan following for itself in such a situation. There’s Roposo,which could be said to be a direct competitor to Moj, but that’s something that they will need to sort out after they gain currency in India.

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