India is the country of the arts. The vibrant and vast population  also makes it possible  to have several kinds of dance and art forms.  These are famous around the world. India has several classical dance forms, including Bharatanatyam, Kutchipudi, Odissi. We have embraced modern dance forms. These are starkly different from the classical dance forms. But, they have one aspect in common – they tell stories like none other.  Here’s a list of the top 10 Newest Dance Forms in India


Litefeet is one of the various different dance forms in India that are fast becoming popular with the Indian dance fraternity.  The genre is named so because the performer mostly performs with their feet. Litefeet is kind of a street dance and many new performers are now taking the routines as their go-to ones in dance challenges around the world and in India.

Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing is also a genre that we see a lot in the movies, even since the seventies, when it was considered to be a bit of a taboo. This dance form is mainly of the Eastern world. Though there aren’t Indians who are into belly-dancing, we see versions of it now and then in the movies. Dance enthusiasts consider it to be one of the most sensual kind of dancing.


This is a dance form that’s the most unique, and one of the most expressive ones as well. The dance form has a person making hand motions and rapping. This type of dance form is perfect for dance battles, and it made an extensive appearance in the movie Gully Boy.

Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing is another sensual dance form that’s making its presence felt all over India. The dance form is a bit controversial, because of its attachment to the night clubs. People are opening up with the fact that it is not just a good dance form but great exercise as well.

Tap Dance

Tap Dance, you can consider it to be the predecessor of the litefeet genre. Several Bollywood actors have done courses in tap dancing, and show off their prowess in the Bollywood song and dance routines. One of the most popular tap dancers in India is Hrithik Roshan.

Line Dance

Line Dance is a popular dance form, and various choreographers use this type of dance form for their Bollywood song and dance routines. One of the most recent examples of Line Dance is in the Allu Arjun version of the song from Radhe, ‘Seeti Maar.’ Even if you haven’t seen that, Line Dance makes an appearance now and then in the several dance competitions.


Bollywood routine is one of the most popular of the different dance forms in India and is in fact one of the first that we have seen. The dance form is a mix of classical and modern dance forms, where the steps are vibrant, colorful and are more connected to the choregraphy of the song.

The routine is pretty popular in the other parts of the world too. As it is, people all around the world know Bollywood as the film industry that has major song and dance routines.


Pure Choreography is one of the more difficult genres of different dance forms in India. It requires the dancer and the choreographers to give it their all to portray the story with their dance moves. Choreography is an important genre not just India but all over the world. You will see many performers are using this style of dance in their dance competition performances.


Breakdancing has finally come out of the birthday parties and in the mainstream in different dance forms in India. You have seen this genre of dancing in several movies for decades. For some reason, the dance genre was portrayed negatively and a pretty ‘modern’ type of dance. However, today, the genre is pretty commonly seen by the dance performances during the dance competitions.  Breakdancing is one of the oldest ‘modern’ types of dancing and it still has a big fan following all over the world and in India.

Street Dancing

Street Dancing is one of the newest genres of dance forms that India is seeing, and is fast becoming popular. You have seen this genre in movies like Gully Boy. Street dancing is not just a dance form but a geniuine emotion, as it portrays all that the person goes through – and all through some awesome dance moves that they have trained for years to perfect and perform.

These are the ten types of dance forms that are becoming famous in the country. You have seen  them in the movies, and every dance enthusiast has seen them somewhere or the other. These dance themes are pretty different from the classical type of dancing, but they have their own taste and following today. There are several dance companies that teach these dance forms. You can make a career out of learning these dance form. The opportunies as a solo performer as well as performing in movies and television serials and shows are tremendous. Once you have mastered one particular type of dance form, the sky is the limit.  Today, several colleges of arts offer degree courses in the various dance forms. This ensures that once you learn, you have the right platforms to portray your talent and make the best out of it.

The different dance styles are:

  • Street Dancing
  • Break Dancing
  • Choreography
  • Bollywood
  • Line Dancing