Rahul Gond is a Feel 3 participant. He started his dance journey in 2012. His inspiration was Micheal Jackson and since then he has been following his footsteps as well as his dance style. 

The place that Rahul comes from does not really have much scope in dance. There are not many dance classes or stage shows that take place out there.

Rahul Gond has been to many dance studios and classes also to many well known choreographers but not everybody treated him and thought him well which is why he started to teach himself. He is where he is today because of his dedication and love for dance.

After learning more and more about the dance he found his genre i.e lyrical hip hop. In year 2016 Vernon from V company organized a FEEL battle and that changed The term Lyrical Hip Hop in India right from its roots. Rahul participated in it for the same and has become a finalist of FEEL 3.

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Feel Battles have given him a type of recognization that no other stage show ever did. He has participated in various reality shows after The FEEL Battles.  He has been rejected in many reality shows before and almost lost his hope and trust in dance but as he got selected as a finalist for FEEL 3 his trust and passion for dance came back to life. 

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Working day and night to win the show Rahul is eager for the support his audience will provide. Stay tuned for more updates on the dance show FEEL 3.