Hip Hop is a western dance form. Initially, hip hop is used to perform on the streets. Hence, Hip Hop dance is also known as a street dance. Although Hip Hop is a western dance form, it gained immense popularity in India. Most of the Indian dancers inspire to become a hiphop dancer. They showed off their passion for hip hop on different stage shows, reality shows and dance competitions. There are some dance crews in India who made India proud with their hip hop dance talent. Some dance crews even won world dance championships. Here, we are going to list out the top 5 Indian Hiphop dance crews.

Check out the 5 Best Indian Hiphop Dance Crews below:-

  • Desi Hoppers

Indian Hiphop dance

Desi Hoppers is one of the popular Indian hiphop dance groups. It is the first team from India to win the World of Dance championship in Los Angeles. Desi Hoppers is a group of seven members and Shantanu Maheshwari leads the team. Shantanu Maheshwari is an actor cum dancer. Desi Hoppers also got recognition from the shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Step Up.

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  • Blitzkrieg Dance Crew

Top 5 Indian Hiphop Dance Crews

Blitzkrieg Dance Crew formed in the year 2007. This team came into the limelight when they won the regional-level hip hop dance competition. This competition conducted at NIT Surathkal, Karnataka. Blitzkrieg Dance group is also one of the world’s top Hip Hop dance performers.

  • Hypnotics Dance Group

Hypnotics Dance Group

Hypnotics is one of the top Indian hiphop dance crews. Led by Harish Patil, this dance group consists of 8 dancers. They won a gold medal in the National Level Hip Hop Championship 2013 and a silver medal in Indian Hip Hop Championships 2016. Hypnotics also participated in the World Hip Hop Championship.

  • Gang 13

Gang 13

Gang 13 well known for Desi Hip Hop in India. Desi Hip Hop is a dance form where there will be an Indian desi touch to the western hiphop dance. They started their career with small stage shows. Gang 13 got recognition when they won India’s Biggest Hip Hop Dance Festival Breezer Vivid Shuffle. Formed in the year 2015, this team flourished the Desi Hip Hop in India.

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  • I AM Hip-Hop crew

I AM Hip-Hop crew

I AM Hip-Hop crew known for their coordination with an energetic performance. It is no less than other Indian hiphop dance crews. It is also one of the most popular dance groups in India. Apart from Hiphop dance, they also perform locking, popping, house, urban and never the less Bollywood style too. They won the gold medal in the Indian Hip Hop dance championship 2014.

Therefore, these are the 5 best hip hop dance groups in India. All these dance crews won the hearts of many people with their dancing talent in a very short span of time. There are many dancers in India who are burning the stage with their hip hop dance moves. For more latest updates related to entertainment and dance, please visit, BeChuzi