Justin Bieber is back with a brand new music video, Holy.  The music video is very relevant right. It shows Bieber as a worker who loses his job because of the ongoing situation.  The song is a good mix of old school Country music and rap and tells a poignant story that we need right now. Colin Tilley directs the video.

Watch Justin Bieber video Holy

Bieber and Chance have collaborated earlier. In 2013, they collaborated for the Bieber single Confident.  In 2018, they came together for the DJ Khaled track No Brainer.

Justin Bieber has become one of the most prominent success stories from all the breakout stars from the 00s.

He became popular when he was 13 and has since then been under the spotlight.  Since 2015, Justin has changed from pop to EDM. The song Holy is in the Country mold.

Beiber has had his issues, including being typecast as a pop idol and having several run-ins with the paparazzi and everything, but everything that the guy has endured makes him a legit professional today.