Do you love dancing? But unable to learn dance due to the ongoing pandemic? Then, don’t worry. Now, you can learn the dance moves from your phone itself. You have no need for any dance teacher or choreographer to learn dance steps. Yes, it’s true. Here, we listed out some dance challenge apps, where you can easily know how to dance and impress your family and friends. You can even challenge others in dancing after learning from these dancing apps.

Check out some dance challenge apps that everyone loves below:-

  • Crazy Flamenco Rumba Dance

List of Dance Challenge Apps That Everyone Loves

Crazy Flamenco is one of the famous dancing apps. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. You can easily learn various dance moves through this dance challenge app. Enjoy your weekends with your family and friends and showcase your dancing skills by learning from Crazy Flamenco. You can also make a dance video of yours and share it with your friends using this app.

  • ElfYourself

List of Dance Challenge Apps That Everyone Loves

ElfYourself is one of the best free dance challenge apps. You can have a chance to become a great star through this app. You can make your dance video in different festival costumes using this app. It is very easy to use and one can upload their videos by just uploading their photos. The photos will be automatically imposed on the faces of dancing Elf in festival costumes. ElfYourself is available for both Android and iOS users.

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  • Hip Hop Dance

List of Dance Challenge Apps That Everyone Loves

Hip Hop Dance app is a free and fun dance challenge app India. It is available for all android and iOS users. You can easily learn hip hop dance form through this app. Hip Hop dancers can also improve and learn new moves using this Hip Hop Dance app. The best feature of this app is that it provides an option for audio guidance from your personal digital trainer. Also, get customized workouts designed each week through this app.

  • Polearn

List of Dance Challenge Apps That Everyone Loves

Polearn is the best app to learn pole dance from your mobile. This amazing pole dancing app is available for both Android and iOS users. This is a free app, you can learn pole dance moves very easily by just staying at home. One can also plan and schedule their dancing classes. We can view the class schedule, ongoing promotions, studio location and contact information in this app.

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  • Belly Dance Fitness

List of Dance Challenge Apps That Everyone Loves

Belly dance is one of the sexiest and exciting dance forms. It is a beautiful form of expression of feminine natural charm. Belly Dance Fitness will let you learn belly dance very easily. It is one of the best dance challenging apps for Belly dancing. Android and iOS users can install this app on their mobiles easily and freely. You can also use this app as stretching apps to stretch your body by belly dance.

Therefore, these are some popular dance challenge apps through which one can learn dance and also challenge others. All the above are suitable for both Android and iOS mobiles. For more entertainment updates, please visit BeChuzi.