Ludo,  the Netflix Original starring Abhishek Bachchan, Rajkummar Rao and Aditya Roy Kapur is gaining rave reviews. Now, it is also in a spot of trouble. Just hours after its Netflix release, a pirated version of the Anurag Basu movie hit Tamilrockers, the infamous piracy website.

Along with Tamilrockers, the movie is now available for illegal download and streaming on several other second rung piracy websites. This is not the first time that Tamilrockers has made headlines because of their piracy. Tamilrockers, experts agree, is the most notorious of piracy websites. It’s name crops up everytime a big ticket Bollywood or Hollywood movie leaks.

With this, Netflix, for the first time, is getting a taste of Indian piracy websites.  For some reason, Indian piracy websites have succeeded in staying a step further than the authorities. The authorities have cracked down on some of the more infamous piracy websites. With streaming, one thought that piracy would end. However, the number of streaming platforms has increased, with a subscription fee for each.

The other big streaming network in India, Amazon Prime, has already had its taste of piracy. The Amazon Prime Original  Breathe and other top-ticket content hitting the piracy websites hours after release. Interestingly, the web series of the Indian streaming platforms haven’t created a mark on the piracy networks like Netflix and the Amazon Prime series have.

ALTBalaji and Hotstar Series haven’t seen met the piracy problem

We don’t have an ALTBalaji series getting this kind of press. Surprisingly, even the Disney+Hotstar series like Hostages didn’t create any headlines about reaching the piracy platforms when it first released.

Piracy has been around in India for a long time. It didn’t create much of a puddle until the pirates started pirating the big-ticket movies, both Hollywood and Bollywood. Indian piracy also became a serious issue when some of the big-ticket Hollywood movies released in India a couple of hours or days before its American release. This created a scenario where it was easier to pirate them through India.

Streaming darlings Laxmii, Breathe  were on the piracy websites in a matter of minutes, before Ludo did.

It looks like the streaming platforms will have to take on the piracy websites in India soon enough. Akshay Kumar starrer Laxmii, which streamed on Disney+Hotstar was on the streaming platforms in a matter of hours.  For those who’d like to know more, the video quality of these files is generally pathetic, and there’s no guarantee of the sound quality as well. In fact, the piracy websites are the worst option to click on, because most of them are a haven for bots, viruses, and what-have-you that will ruin your PC experience if you are conversant in veering away through the websites and getting what you want.

With the GoI deciding to bring streaming under its purview and with the online leaks becoming rampant, streaming platforms might have a second look at the amount of money that they are planning to invest in India.