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Marathi viral song 1800 rupaye is based on the Marathi Viral video 1800 became quite popular a few days ago. The video was about a housemaid arguing with her employers that they didn’t pay her salary – 1800 rupees. The men paid her – 3 x 500 rupee notes, and 3 x 100 rupee notes. For some reason, the housemaid couldn’t calculate that the total amount was still 1800 rupees, which led to an awkward and evidently hilarious conversation.

The video went viral and soon, various Whatsapp users shared it, making it a small sensation just two days ago. The Marathi community loved the banter and connected with it, making it all the more famous in India.

It is interesting to see that Marathi content creators are coming to the fore on YouTube. Until recently, the meme and viral base in India were mostly about Bollywood. But for a few months, we have Marathi content creators making viral content based on Marathi TV shows.

The Marathi celebrities are rarely seen on the social media networks as well. So, it is good news for Marathi celebrity and pop culture fans to get a taste of original Marathi content.

Now, the Marathi viral song launched recently and has already garnered more than 5000 views. Watch that song here: