Indian dance and music fans have some good news – there’s a new video challenge app that will hit Indian shores soon. We don’t have many details at the moment, but this is one of the first apps that will have a presence in India that offers dance challenge features.

What is a Video Challenge App?

Video challenge apps are pretty popular around the world, and here’s how they work. A user creates a video of them dancing to music, and they then challenge their friends to make a better video, via the dashboard and services available on the app.

Does India need a video challenge app?

The Indian market hasn’t really opened up to the dance apps and dance challenge apps. The last app centered around music, Tiktok, became something of a cheaper version of YouTube and lost its sight on quality.  When it was yanked off the online platforms,  there were several other apps that sprung up. However, some of them ended in litigation. During the pandemic, all of them got legal notices from the music companies that owned rights to the songs, and most of them wrapped up.

While that happened, other entrepeneurs got the drift that there’s a market for music apps and dance apps. During the pandemic and even before that, there were some music streaming apps that had bet big on the Indian audience.  These music apps were the brainchilds of some of the bigges music corporates in India, and they have had a positive report during the pandemic.All You Should Know About the Video Challenge App

What will the video challenge app contain?

The dance challenge app isn’t just about challenges though. Through the app, you will get information about the latest happenings in the world of dance and music. The app has a special tab for interviews, performances and even entertainment news, including Bollywood, Streaming and Hollywood, which we love.

The app will also review movies, series and other entertainment content, so that you get a bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on in the area of entertainment – and keep a step ahead of the trends, knowing which one is going to hit next week.

So, make sure you are in with the latest news during this holiday season, because that’s the time the app plans to become a good friend of your phone.

This app brings the world of dance competions and challenges closer. Though our music and entertainment television channels have several reality dance shows, one still needs to go through a process to reach the stage, and go through the gruelling rounds, to finally understand whether they have it in them to make it big on the biggest stage. With the app, dance challenges become a fun, intrinsic thing that one can do at anytime, depending on how comfortable they are.

The app plans to be a single platform for anyone interest in anything related to dance and music in India. Under process is a plan to set up a hitlist,which tells you about the top ten songs that are playing in India, the most popular singers currently, so on and so forth.

  • A brand new dance challenge app will hit India soon
  • The app will have several features that capture a young audience’s attention