Hi Friends!!! Oscar Academy is going to open an office in Mumbai. This will be the third office of AMPAS across the world. Check out the complete details right here.

Hollywood’s Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) which presents the very famous Oscar Awards, is going to open an office in Mumbai, which will be its third office across the world. This has been announced during the visit of AMPAS President John Bailey with his wife Carol Littleton in Agra on Monday.

John Bailey and his wife have visited Delhi on Tuesday. He met UP Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma there and had an hour-long discussion with him. After completing the discussion, Bailey said Indian Films need to be dubbed in English in order to exhibit in the west and Hollywood movies should be dubbed in Hindi.

Oscar Academy to Open Office in Mumbai

Sharma said they also discussed how the film industry could be promoted in Uttar Pradesh and the different ways to enlarge “knowledge exchange” with Hollywood.

Bailey said the AMPAS believes in the participation of different cultures. “In the Last year, the Oscar Academy has accepted 928 new members from 56 countries. The Academy is expanding and we understand that our preservation and history have tied into the rest of the world. The Academy is not just a Hollywood bubble and we want to connect (with) as many cultures as we can, including that of India,” he said.

Oscar Academy to Open Office in Mumbai

Also, he said that with the Mumbai office, everyone can avail of services like film archives, libraries, and screening programs that the Academy provides. “An office in Mumbai would mean a platform for artists to conduct exhibitions, programs, screen movies, and building up a community that appreciates the art of cinema. But it is not something that will come to life in the blink of an eye. It is a long process that will take its own time.”

Meanwhile, this year’s telecast attracted attention due to the fact that ABC and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences were unable to find a host for the ceremony. Comedian Kevin Hart was going to host it, but few days after the announcement, Hart dropped down for some of his controversial tweets from nearly a decade ago resurfaced. So now, it has been decided that the show will go on without a host.