Sunburn Goa made a splash with the announcement that it would take place in Goa. Seems that didn’t go well with the people and the Government has now taken back that permission.

The Sunburn Festival,  the most controversial and happening events in India will be back in Goa.  The plan was to have the festival on Vagator Beach on two days in December. The event managers would allow to only allow twenty percent of the total capacity.

There were questions about whether even twenty percent of people coming for Sunburn 2020 in is feasible.  More than 15000 people attend the music concert whenever it happens. Sunburn Festival is also a soft spot for protestors. The protestors say that the festival is against the culture and traditions of India.

However, the brand has become increasingly popular with the younger crowd. Along with the International Film Festival of India, it has pride of place with Goa Tourism. Some are also saying that fesstival should hold an online event. Others are saying that they should handle it all like the IPL.  in IPL, the players are playing in the stadiums and the people are watching at home.

With the Sunburn festival announcement, it still isn’t clear whether the Government will allow the festivities. State as well as Central Governments looking to open up the economy. This would have been biggest open event that will take place.

Sunburn 2020 Goa Might Not Happen

By © Vyacheslav Argenberg /, CC BY 4.0,

Live events shot in studios are slowly limping back to normalcy and even television serials have begun airing episodes. Some of the series that debuted during the pandemic actually have scenes that show the characters getting used to wearing masks.  It will be interesting to see which production houses and which reality shows will survive post the pandemic, as most of the smaller production houses have shut shop and many of the live performance and events have indefinitely postponed.


The pandemic has been particularly harsh on the hotel and events industry. Individuals working in the hotel industry are the most hit, as they work on a eight month schedule. With most of them waiting to join the schedule in March, they ended up being stuck at home, without work and with only their savings to rely on. Even in the events industry, there’s no live events happening since March. Even cricketing events like the IPL and the WWE shows like Smackdown and RAW do not have a live audience. Therefore, these are truly grim times for the events industry and the cancellation of the Sunburn event is just a stark reminder that we have yet a long way to go to defeat the pandemic.