Fans of Marvel are excited to know how Marvel treats recently acquired X-Men entities. As the reports suggest Harry Styles, Nick Jonas and Lady Gaga considered for roles in the franchise’s reboot.

Harry Styles, Nick Jonas and Lady Gaga have been seen on screen before and we are familiar with their acting skills as well as their vocals. But it seems likely that the trio could now turn into comic-book characters if it is true that they will be starring in Marvel’s X-Men reboot. However, Marvel head Kevin Feige tight-lipped about introducing the characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rumours of Deadpool piggybacking on either Spider-Man or Thor’s shoulders into MCU are already doing the rounds.

Marvel may cast Harry Styles, Nick Jonas and Lady Gaga for X-Men. A source says – Marvel is eyeing the American Horror Story star for the role of Emma Frost, also known as the White Queen among Marvel comic book fans’.


Another source of the international outlet mentioned that former One Direction member Harry Styles is also being considering for the Marvel revamped X-Men universe. The Dunkirk star could bring the mutant Pyro to life. While there is no confirmation about Marvel approaching Harry Styles for the role but the intel says that the Marvel camp is interested in roping him into the mutant world.

The entertainment portal said that ‘Nick Jonas eyed for the X-Men universe as well’. The Jonas Brothers, who was seen in movies like “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Midway”, considered for the role of Havok. It’s said that the role of the X-Men character will be bigger in the reboot. As compared to the one in the character’s previous outing.

We are familiar with Lady Gaga’s work from Bradley Cooper’s ‘A star is born’. She did a beautiful job of playing the character of Ally. She carried the character with ease. Looks mesmerizing in the skin of the character. She has also received the Critic’s choice award for the best actress.  We are eagerly waiting to see what is the character that Lady Gaga will play in X-Men Reboot.