Tiktok Alternative apps are becoming quite popular in India. Many social media networks have come up with their short video services to bridge the gap. However, India still doesn’t have that one app that has what Tiktok had and then some more. Some app will finally bridge the gap with all the features and services. Until then, we look at what features a Tiktok alternative app should have.

Features a Tiktok Alternative App Must Have

  • Soundtrack

Many apps don’t have proprietary soundtracks. This makes the users create videos on soundtracks of popular movies and dialogues. Therefore, many creators can’t create the flavor that they want to in their videos.  Some apps cannot afford the money to license the popular Bollywood tracks, upending their lifecycle before they begin.

  • Artist Collabs

One aspect that all video platforms nowadays have is artist collaborations. These are basically collaborations between celebrities and the app, where they either perform a video or a song that then goes on the app. This is the breathing force of several apps and would work well for a Tiktok alternative app.

  • Friends Requests

Another important aspect of a Tiktok alternative app would be the ability to send friend requests to other content creators on the app. This will enable users to not just interact with fans but also with others who are on the platform and looking to collaborate with content creators.

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  • Sharing

Making a video just isn’t enough today. What you also need to do is share it on social networks and give it as much of a life as you can. So, every Tiktok alternative app should have the feature to share the video on the other popular social media apps, making it part of a larger ecosystem that’s the world of digital marketing and entertainment.

  • Dashboard

Another important feature of a TikTok alternative would be the artist dashboard, which shows the progress of the artiste in a single window. This will enable the content creators to see how their videos have fared and how popular they are. The dashboard will also allow them to upload their videos in a better-streamlined manner.

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  • In-App Editing

Youtube became all the more famous when it offered in-app editing to content creators. Video editing software is sometimes complicated and requires some kind of editing skills. However, in-app editing software can be pretty easy and allow content creators to concentrate on creating videos rather than edit them. Tiktok had some tools that allowed the content creators to edit the videos, add a watermark, so on and so forth. It was this tool that made Tiktok the app of the creators rather than the app of technologists.

These are just some of the tools that a Tiktok alternative app should have today. Want to know more about concepts like these, visit us BeChuzi.