Action movies have been around for a long time in Bollywood. Decades ago, when Bollywood audiences were all about fantasy, mythology and religious movies, action was an integral part of the screenplay. As the tastes of the audiences changed, action movies revolving around revenge plots became popular. In the nineties, some of the most violent action movies hit the Bollywood theater screens.

In the 2000s, Bollywood action sequences started getting choregraphed. Today, we have some of the best action stars – those who look good on screen beating up the baddies and  those who really can.

Here’s a list of the top 5 Action movies in Bollywood.

  • Uri: 

India has seen several military action movies. Some of the most famous movies in this genre are Border, LOC: Kargil and then some. But Uri is a class apart, basically because its a modern take on filmmaking and story telling. This is Vicky Kausal and Mohit Raina’s big break. The movie has all the correct ingredients, there’s a patriotic flavour to it, the action choreography is on point, and the script has the necessary heft.

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  • Baby:

And if Uri was about action at the frontlines, Baby was all about spies and what goes behind the scenes. Baby features Akshay Kumar, Rana Dagubatti and Anupam Kher. The movie had a tight script, an amazing screenplay and some interesting scenes. One of the action scenes, featuring Taapsee Pannu gave us a spin-off, Naam Shabana  – that sequence was that good.

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  • Sultan

Sultan is Salman Khan’s finest movie till date, the one that has in some legit action sequences. We don’t know whether he really did those scenes or had a screen double, but the magic worked for us. Salman plays an aging wrestler who returns to the ring, in a bid to unscramble his life, both professional and personal. The movie was a blockbuster, and features some excellent in-ring action between Salman’s Sultan and other professional wrestlers who are paid to make all this look good.

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More Popular Bollywood Action movies

  • Dabangg

And though Wanted was the original action movie featuring Salman Khan, they decided to go bigger and better with Dabangg. The movie broke records, created a whole new genre and gave Salman Khan another lease of life at the box office. The franchise is still going strong, with the third movie hitting the theaters and streaming screens recently. Salman Khan features in some of the most hotly anticipated action sequences in Dabangg and pits off against Sonu Sood, one of the best performers and physiques in the industry.

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  • Commando

Vidyut Jamwal’s big movie after making his debut as a negative character with John Abraham in Force.  So, Jamwal legit impresses us with his action sequences. He is also one of the best physiques in the industry, therefore the no holds barred relationship that he has with the camera when it comes to action brings us back to the genre.

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