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Good Artists leave you star-struck with every song that they make and we tend to love it so much because it includes their soulful voice and sometimes their story. Some song released reflect their story or is a mirror of their story. We see a variety of artists stepping up the game. New people with a better taste of music, and their own soulful way of presenting it to us. There are few artists that present us with deep music and some lyrics that touch our soul. Hip-Hop is of the most popular music genres among the youth today.  As the era changing most youngsters enjoy this genre. Rap music has become increasingly popular. The genre has undergone some of the most radical changes.

The artist is the biggest reason why Hip Hop is ruling and leading the way. Hip Hop has the power to heal and its base and beats directly connect to your brain. Make you calm and heal by distracting you. It is really influential and it has taken all over the world. Almost every country has its own local hip-hop that is full of youths. The genre speaks to everyone. They could be the outcasts, the oppressed, the weak, the rebels, and most significantly, people of colour. This genre knows no difference as it’s just an existing medicine to help you through the journey of life.

Here are the Top 10 Artists Behind Hip Hop Being the Most Followed Genre-


Xxxtentacion was possibly the most versatile singer, rapper, and most controversial man. The tone of his music expanded over every genre. His music will have you listening to country music, screamo rap, and R&B at the same time.

Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson is an artist who will come in handy like a cherry on the cake after a long day. He is an American singer/songwriter who has been writing and recording music for nearly 16 years now. His songs are based on his experiences with life. Every song is a story that he tells through his music. With every song released we can feel his happy and tough moments with life through his songs. Very few artists can make his artist connect to his voice and songs and voila! Matt Maeson does just that.

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Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry is someone who always speaks in mind breaking all the barriers in the way. Without the fear of how people will take his song. He is an artist with his own language of no fear and only speaks his mind.  His music is strictly hip hop and rap. Curry is popular among the youth and is known for his quick and unique flow. His lyrics are near money and women but more towards controversial issues.

DJ Snake

DJ Snake’s ‘Turn Down for What’ was a massive success. That is the song with made his place in the industry. Snake has released numerous hits and is on a journey to provide us with bangers. He also works with EDM, Trap, and Dubstep genres besides Hip Hop. Lean On maker is well known for his tracks with catchy beats and a faster tempo than other songs. His songs will make you groove with the beats and put you on an unforgettable mindful journey of imagination. As the beats give you a different world vibe; A world of its own.


Top Hip Hop Artist

The genre of hip hop has been completely empty since Tupac Shakur left it behind. Tupac has a very unique and old school like feeling to his songs. Shakur blended his gangsta and Black Panther political influence that has been cued to take from musicians like Bob Marley and John Lennon. Even though he was murdered 18 years ago, his legacy still lives on. His legacy will continue to live as he has left his shadow on those who are fans of old school rap.

Lil Wayne

Wayne is one of the most known artists and his success in the commercial world speaks for itself. Lil has been surpassed as an artist with Billboard Hot 100 hits of all time. His mixtapes are a gift to get to hear as his mixtapes, albums and guest spots from around 2004 to 2009 is arguably the most prolific example of quality meets quantity hip-hop has ever seen. He is one artist who has had hit numbers for almost a very long time and has been able to give us back to back hits.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is definitely to be considered as one of the legends. The greatest rapper from the ’90s. Rapping is the only genre of music that has not quite changed right since the end of the golden era. Techniques that were followed has definitely changed and did the beats. Kendrick has never compromised his music and kept giving us back to back hits without compromising the quality of rap and the uniqueness of his rap. The albums, Section.80, Good Kid Madd City and To Pimp a Butterfly are three of rap’s most vivid and topical.


Slim Shady is of the greatest rapper alive and he claims the same thing as well as the other rappers. He has taken the rap scene to a very new level with his growing popularity. Most mainstream artists try to copy his style whereas they should only learn from him. 

Jay Z

Jay-Z is a rapper who is at the top of his game and we will never be able to have enough of his rap. He has been growing and keeps on growing rapidly as time passes by. His albums like The Black Album, 4:44, The Blueprint,  Watch The Throne and the list goes on and on. He is gifted and his music is good jazz you never want to stop listening to. 

Notorious B.I.G.

BIG lost his life at a very young age. He is a rapper that even today the young generation listen to. Notorious Big already attained the latter status early on in his career. His storytelling rhymes mined straight from his experiences in the Brooklyn streets materialized on 1994’s instant-classic Ready to Die, a wild mosaic of vividly visual rhymes delivered with the expertise of a linguistic master.

Here are some reasons why hip hop is the most heard genre. Let us know about one of your favourite songs. Stay tuned to our website Bechuzi.