Dance Songs are the life of a Bollywood movie. Once the song plays out in the movie, it becomes a part of pop culture and you hear it everywhere, right from weddings to birthday parties. While some dance songs become flavors of the week or the season, others are timeless and elicit a response from the crowd, whenever they are played.

Here’s a list of the favorite top dance songs, right through the generations.

#1 Kaala Chasma (Baar Baar Dekho)

Kaala Chasma was the redeeming grace of a movie that sank without a trace. The movie starred Siddharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif and was about time-travel. But forget about that and look at Sid and Katrina groove to lyrics are a remix of an old song actually.

#2 Chittiyan Kalaiyan

And Jacqueline Fernandes gets her groove right with the song Chittiyan Kalaiyan from Roy. This song also was the only saving grace of the Ranbir Kapoor starrer that sank without a trace at the box office.

#3 London Thumakda (Queen)

London Thumakda has evolved from being the flavor of the season to a song that really drives the audience to the dance floor. Picturised on Kangana Ranaut, the song does have a nuanced innocence that the dance videos of today lack.

#4 Koi Kahein Kehta Rahein (Dil Chahta Hai)

Somehow, this song from Dil Chahta Hai captured the hearts and minds of the party-goers of not just the decade it released in but later as well. The dance steps are easy and perfect to jive up a crowd like never before.

#5 Chikni Chameli (Agneepath)

This is a newer favorite and it still succeeds in getting people off the couches and on the dance floor. This is a fun, sensual, and peppy song. The song that it is the Bollywood version of, Kombi Palali took the soundwaves by storm when it released.

#6 Goliyon ki Raasleela – Ram Chahe (Raam Leela)

Priyanka Chopra wowed everyone with this song and gave a whole new face to her. People swooned over the sheer sensuality of this song. Coupled with a hummable tune, this song still gets the people’s attention.

#7 Say Shaava Shaava

A while ago, an article said that this song was the favorite of many a celebrity on the dance floor and played a lot at the wedding ceremonies of the rich and the famous. It should, it’s a ditty and one of the few ones to which Amitabh Bachchan has lent his voice.  Also, it might be the only song in which Amitabh and Shah Rukh shake a leg together. The song isn’t as high pitched as the others in this list are, but it is still a decently danceable song.