There has been a lot of change in the entire system since Covid took over. Dancers and fitness freaks have been the ones that were always on the go. Dancers have found a way to express themselves by setting up a dance routine as a challenge and uploading it on TikTok.

Dance challenge videos are quickly becoming the new fad with many celebrities coming up to set these up. You will see that celebrities online and on their social media networks aren’t just setting up dance challenge videos but various others as well.  It makes for some good, engaging content for them and a means to keep their fans connected.

In the times of Covid, Dance Challenge Videos are the best option for celebrities and Internet personalities to have a blast online. These videos are so popular now that some famous songs have become more famous because they were the background music for a dance challenge video.  The dance video challenge is similar to the bucket challenge and the other challenges that have become social media fodder since a while.

Here is a list of dance challenge videos.

  • #DistanceDance

#DistanceDance is brought to you by the queen of TikTok, Charli D’Amelio. For every video posted with the hashtag, a donation will be made to the charity Feeding America. The video and the challenge has become quite popular and several dance enthusiasts follow this challenge. 

  •  “The Renegade”

No TikTok roundup would be complete without the most iconic dance from the app. But you better be up for a challenge if you’re planning to take on “The Renegade”—it’s famously one of the hardest dances to learn, with quick, complicated choreography. 

  • “Savage” Dance

Set to “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion, this dance challenge recently got super big. Show your followers that you’re a savage—and get bonus points by including a costume change, as Keke Palmer did in her viral video.

  • Attention” Challenge

This TikTok challenge is tailor-made for all the bendy, leggy, crazy-flexible queens out there. Show off your whack-iest kicks and splits while dancing to “Attention” by our eternal fave, Todrick Hall.

  • “Supalonely” Dance

If you’re feeling “Supalonely” while stuck at home, spend some time learning this super-fun dance. Better yet, get your dance squad together via Zoom, and learn it as a group—”Supalonely” no more!

Which song would you plan to perform on if you plan to set up a dance video challenge? Tell us in the comments section and who knows, you will find some more inspiration to finally perform that one dance that you have been planning to since a while.

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