The demands and popularity of Karaoke went up and many mobile companies pounced on it to leverage this demand. This is a golden opportunity for all music content creators. They can use these apps to showcase their talent on a global level and create a fan following across social media platforms.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Karaoke Music Challenge apps for Android and iOS.

SMULE: Sing! Karaoke

SMULE was previously known as Sing. It is one of the leading karaoke apps available on Android, iOS, and Apple TV. CNET in 2018 announced that SMULE is the biggest karaoke singing apps at the moment. Using this karaoke singing app, singers can easily create a solo, duet, and group singing performances along with their favorite singing stars around the world. The amazing audio effects available on SMULE make you feel like a star and also allows the sharing of performances across social media platforms.

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Karaoke is amongst the most popular karaoke singing apps available on android and ios platforms. Singers can easily record their karaoke performance and share it with their fans. Karaoke allows users to sing duet performances, add sound effects, balance music with video, add video effects for better output along with a list of many other features.

More Karaoke Singing Apps


StarMaker is counted as the best alternative to SMULE at the moment in terms of karaoke singing apps.  A decent and easily navigable UI, helps users to easily sing, record, and share their musical performances across multiple social media platforms.

StarMaker also allows various forms of audio enhancements. Includes echo and little reverb to help users sound like a real star during their karaoke performance. This karaoke singing app leverages the YouTube unlimited library access to video and songs.

The Voice

The Voice is also available on both android and ios. This Karaoke singing app has a good collection of pre-recorded music of famous songs. One feature that differentiates The Voice from other Karaoke singing apps is that the more songs you sing; the more songs get unlocked from a list of top-performing artists around the world. This app also helps you add different audio effects and also enables sharing your performances on social media.

 Sing Play


Sing Play is available on Android and iOs platforms, Sing Play has a library of free karaoke tracks where unlike other karaoke singing apps, users don’t have to download any tracks before beginning their performance. Using Sing Play you can sing, record, and share your performances with your social media followers.

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What’s Karaoke?

  • Karaoke is a chance to sing-along with your favorite song.
  • Earlier, there were entire machines available for Karaoke