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Anushka Shetty is one of the sensational and talented stars of South Indian Cinema. With the advent of global blockbusters like ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Rudhramadevi’, and with a career spanning more than 13 years, the rise of Anushka attributes her dedication towards cinema and her knack for perfection despite having the ample risk factor involving. In her career, Anushka featured in many Telugu movies. Check out the top 5 most successful movies of Anushka Sharma here.

  • Rudramadevi

Rudramadevi, this movie depicts the challenges a kingdom faces as their prince born for a long period who could overtake the kingdom and defend them from the other rival kingdoms. But the faith of the kingdom seals when there is another girl child born. The king disappointed as he knew there is war ahead of him, kings bishop suggests a plan to introduce the girl child as a guy. Anushka plays the role of Rudramadev who later reveal to be Rudramadevi, the warrior who changed the life and faith of her kingdom to glory.

  • Arundhati

Arundhati a movie famous for its famous horror plot and people moreover tend to watch it as a dare. Anushka’s acting in this movie is pretty impressive. One is a sweet, simple girl who loved by all and lives her life with comfort and happiness followed by the soul of Arundhati entering her body to end evil caused by a witch in her past life followed which is haunting her and her family’s future and happiness.

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  • Vedham

Anushka’s character in the movie goes from innocent to flattering, flattering to sluttish, sluttish to innocent. The plot of the story deals with a guy who’s trying to impress his GF by showing off as a rich guy but who in real life is a cable connector.

  • Bahubali 2: The Conclusion

Top 5 Most Popular Movies of Anushka Shetty in Tollywood

Anushka played the role of a royal princess Devasena in Bahubali 2. But not every princess out there is sitting and waiting for her prince charming. Unlike any other princess, she is a lady with a plan and a firm mindset with a spirit of a daredevil is the perfect word to describe her role in the movie. The role is highly demanding. It even required a lot of physical strain and stress. Even after all the pain and hard work, Anushka played her role with at most charm and elegance.

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  • Singam

Top 5 Most Popular Movies of Anushka Shetty in Tollywood

Singam this movie shows the challenges faced by the honest officer due to the government. And pressure they go through to cleanse the area from terrorists and goons. Anushka’s role in the movie is moreover of support which the daring cop always need through his journey and a talk of romance in the movie is always good.

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