Dance is an art. It is a Rhythm of the soul. India has many dance reality shows which provide a platform for all the dancers to showcase their talent. Here is a list of those dance videos. The dance reality shows not only provide a platform for the older generation but for also the kids. Check out the popular dance reality shows in India. These shows had India’s best dancer contestants as well.

Here’s a list of India’s best dancer shows:

Just Dance

Just Dance was a reality show. It has all types of talented dancers on a platform to display their skills and win fame and recognition. It was helmed by a Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan. Just Dance ruled television with regards to TRP and fan following. Several Bollywood actors made an appearance on the show.

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Dance India Dance

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Dance India Dance (DID) is a popular dance reality show. The show has completed many seasons on national television. There were many other spin-off forms of the show like Dance India Dance Lil Masters, Dance India Dance Supermoms, and many others. DID has given us many popular and best dancers. A few to name are Punit Pathak, Dharmesh Yelande, Shakti Mohan, and a few more.

Super Dancer

Super Dancer is another dance reality show. This show has successfully completed the previous 3 seasons of telecasting. The concept of the show has a dancer along with his choreographer performing their dance on stage.

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Dance Plus

Dance Plus is a popular dance reality show which started in 2015. This show has successfully completed 5 seasons of telecasting on national television. It has a concept where the participants can be a part of the show as group, solo, or duet participants. It is one of the popular show dance shows.

These are the top dance reality shows in India:

  • Dance Plus
  • Super Dancer
  • Dance India Dance
  • Just Dance