Disha Patani is the latest actress to have joined the dance bandwagon. She’s the rumored girlfriend of Tiger Shroff, who is one of the best dancers in Bollywood. The two have shared screen space and even have danced to some chartbusters.

Here is a list of the top Disha Patani songs.

  • Slow Motion (Bharat)

Disha Patani hit a whole new league with this song. It is a period song. Disha looks like a million bucks. She’s shaking a leg with none other than Salman Khan. Disha has one of the best physiques in the industry, and her dancing skills along with her toned form are all here and more.

  • Malang (Malang)

Disha is a glamorous woman, and there are few songs that can show that off like the Malang one from the movie of the same name. While the choreography and production are of a disco song, Malang has some soulful lyrics that tap at your mind all the time.

  • Mundiya (Baaghi 2)

Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff shake a leg to this remix and turn it into a dance anthem. Disha and Tiger have sparkling chemistry.  Every scene they are in a notch higher, which is true of this song as well. One look at this song and you know remixes can be done right. You just need the right composition.

  • Do You Love Me (Baaghi 3)

‘Do You Love Me’ features Disha Patani in something that gives you the harem vibe. Disha’s inviting looks are something that makes this song one of the most sultry choreographed ones in Bollywood at the moment.  Disha is one of the bolder actresses, and she has no qualms wearing the most glamorous of dresses, as is evident in her previous songs. But in Do You Love Me, she goes a notch higher, raising the temperature for everyone in the audience.

More Top Disha Patani Songs

  • Mere Naseeb Cover (Single)

And then there’s this single that Disha has danced to, something that has launched just about two months ago. Seems like a lockdown video, but you still cannot ignore the fact that Disha Patani has the moves to keep the audiences hooked for hours and hours to come.

Interestingly, Disha hasn’t yet danced with the likes of Varun Dhawan and the Ranveer Singh, known for their high-profile dance steps and high octane choreography.  She also has yet to shake a leg with the likes of Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. So, we can safely say that Disha has a long way to go when it comes to dancing with the stars.

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