Good Artists leave you starstruck with every song that they make and we tend to love it so much because it includes their soulful voice and their story. Every song that is released by them is a reflection of their thy self and their story.  We see a variety of artists stepping up the game. New people with a better taste of music, and their own soulful way of presenting it to us. There are few artists that present us with deep music and some lyrics that touch our soul. 

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish’s music is dark and her music consists of alternative, R&B, and electropop. She has a soul-touching voice. If you sit in a quiet room and let her songs take you on a trip to wonderland you will be able to feel the beauty and witness the power of her voice. Her music is soul-touching. 

Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry is someone who always speaks in mind breaking all the barriers in the way. Without the fear of how people will take his song. He is an artist with his own language of no fear and only speaks his mind.  His music is strictly hip hop and rap. Curry is popular among the youth and is known for his quick and unique flow. His lyrics are near money and women but more towards controversial issues. 

Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia is a female rapper who gives a feminist style to her music. Her song ‘Tomboy’ sheds light on the topic of her loving her own body. However, other songs express the appreciation of all women. Her songs are adorable and the message they garner is one to look up to. It is difficult to find a song with meaningful lyrics.  The message she expresses in all her music going from living in New York and women’s rights.


Xxxtentacion was possibly the most versatile singer, rapper, and most controversial man. The tone of his music expanded over every genre. His music will have you listening to country music, screamo rap, and R&B at the same time. 


Joji’s voice is slow but smooth and that is the reason why his voice is mesmerizing. His songs consist of lo-fi hip hop and R&B. The songs are mostly made for getting over an ex or having an interest in someone who doesn’t even know he exists.  “Will He” is a song about him getting over an ex. “Slow Dancing in the Dark,” is an amazing ballad and one of the best videos. 

Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson is an artist who will come in handy like a cherry on the cake after a long day. He is an American singer/songwriter who has been writing and recording music for nearly 16 years now. His songs are based on his experiences with life. Every song is a story that he tells through his music. With every song released we can feel his happy and tough moments with life through his songs. Very few artists can make his artist connect to his voice and songs and voila! Matt Maeson does just that. 

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