Here’s a list of the top production houses. No newcomer or superstar can say no to them.


The ways of filmmaking have changed a lot. With production houses pumping in more money than ever, all it takes for a nobody to make it big is one good film. And a lot of these production houses are willing to give newcomers a chance.

Eros International

A production house so profitable that it’s listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange. Well, that’s Eros for you. If you release your film under this banner, chances are that they’ll distribute your film to 50 other nations, courtesy of their wide distribution network.

Dharma Productions

The signature crooning of the lady at the beginning of a Dharma film instantly brings back memories of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. This production house was set up way back in 1976 by Yash Johar. Now Karan Johar is the manager of Dharma Production. 

T-Series Films

The sheer volume of movies that T Series Films churn out can put the biggest international studios to shame. Since our last POWER LIST, the studios have had a total number of eight releases most of which have proven to be major money-spinners at the box-office as well.

Reliance Entertainment

Unlike many studios in the country and more importantly, on our list, reliance Entertainment has a different business model that has worked for them since their switch. They invest in filmmakers and then work backward from that thought process. 

Red Chillies Entertainment. 

We all love SRK and his production house us fine churned movies.  Its a  production house that churns out films with only SRK in the lead. 

Rajshri Productions.

Alok Nath would have been a perfect brand ambassador for Rajshri Productions. Known to make films loaded with sanskaar and sanskriti , this banner has produced classics that every Indian dadaji would want to show his grandchildren. You’ll never have to think twice when you take your grandparents to a Rajshri film.

Other Top Production Houses:

Bhansali Productions

Sanjay Leela Bhansali creates magic on screen with awesome sets and costumes. His movies have luxurious feels. they have everything grand may it even be the curtains or the sets.

Aamir Khan Productions

The Perfectionist put everything at stake and set up Aamir Khan Productions in 2000 for Lagaan . The rest as they say is history. Since then, every film coming out of Aamir’s production house has gone on to become a super hit. Some say it’s his perfection, others believe it’s Kiran Rao’s charm that works for him.

Viacom 18 Motion Pictures.

Viacom18 Motion Pictures had has a sensation year since our last POWER LIST. The company has four major release which includes one of the biggest grossing movies of 2018 i.e Padmaavat.

Balaji Motion Pictures

Balaji motion pictures have has a change in direction in the last few years and till now it has worked very well for them. The company is chasing high-concept films and one look at their recent movies plus their forthcoming movies will tell you how that has worked or will work for the company in the longer run.