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Suneil Shetty is one of  the first action heroes of the odern generation. He is also one of the earliest ‘best physiques’. Several stars have a six pac.  Suneil Shetty brought that trend to Bollywood much before Salman Khan and others made that all the more famous.  Suneil is also one of the few actors who evolved into a choice of roles at a later part ofn his career. Here’s a list of the top Suneil Shetty movies.

Here’s a list of the top Suneil Shetty

  • Hera Pheri

Suneil Shetty played a mild-mannered common man in Hera Pheri with Akshay Kumar and Paresh Raval.  This was the first time that Suneil acted in an out and out comedy, though he has had several action-comedies under his belt, including Zamana Deewana with Akshay Kumar.

  • Main Hoon Na

Main Hoon Na is a landmark Bollywood movie. It successfully told an action story with a screenplay laced with humor and drama.  Shah Rukh Khan played an army officer under cover and Suneil Shetty played the villain – we did not call them terrorists back then. Suneil Shetty did an excellent job of playing a hardened character in a soft movie. This was also one of the only movies that he did with Shah Rukh Khan, a casting we would like to see again.

  • Kaante

Kaante is one of those rare movies that won adulation from foreign directors, and Quentin Tarantino no less. The noir cinema was heavily inspired by Tarantino’s movie Reservoir Dogs. Mahesh Manjrekar directed this movie. It starred an eclectic cast of Sanjay Dutt, Suneil Shetty, Lucky Ali, Kumar Gaurav and others.

  • Border

Border was the movie that made Suneil Shetty a favorite of the masses as well as the classes. In this war movie, he plays one of the soldiers who are stuck between the devil and a hard place. Suneil was the human heart of the movie, and he took his character a few notches ahead, making the movie one of the most succcessful and memorable.

More Popular Suneil Shetty Movies

Gopi Kishan

If you thought Hera Pheri was the only successful Suneil Shetty comedy movie, you have another thought coming. In Gopi Kishan, Suneil Shetty played a double role for the first and only time in his life. This was a typical Bollywood action comedy, and Suneil Shetty did an excellent job of bringing the character of a police officer and a a hardened criminal to screen.

These are the top Suneil Shetty movies. Do you think we missed out on any? Tell us in the comments section. If you think you  would like more content like this, make sure you connect with us by bookmarking us at www.bechuzi.com.