Unknown Origins is a Spanish comedy thriller that’s sitting pretty on Netflix for a while.  The movie hit Netflix in the last week of August. It is slowly gaining the attention of suspense, comedy, and thriller plans. If you plan to view Unknown Origins, read this article to know what to expect.

A young male police officer, David, comes to a city. His arrival coincides with the day a serial killer decides to unleash a reign of terror with some unique deaths. The deaths are based on the origins of the superheroes that we all know and love.

Thankfully, David’s boss, Norma, is a cosplayer, so they kind of know what’s going on. David has to take the help of a police officer’s son, Jorge.  Jorge owns a comic-book store and that’s where it all begins. David is a new cop, who’s trying to get by and unwittingly has to make Jorge his partner in a string of murders that are unraveling pop culture right out there.

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Unknown Origins is a charming, witty, and well-written movie that has the right amount of mystery and comedy to have the audience’s engagement at an all-time high. The characters are original, and all of them have good dynamics, making it all a watch worthy experience.

The best part of Unknown Origins is that it doesn’t take the beaten path of being a dull, dreary police procedural with characters who have a chip on their block and others who are corrupt or scared. Unknown Origins is a hearty romp in the world of mystery and intrigue.