Music challenge apps are all set to be the next big thing, especially in a country like India, which has different and varied music and dance forms in different states. It’s a simple evolution for Indians, from local music and dance competitions to national, international, and the now popular reality shows. When Tiktok came to India, it was a refreshing piece of software, allowing the common person to send across their videos all over the world.

Soon, everyone from those in the suburbs to the top stars was on Tiktok. When Tiktok disappeared suddenly, customers and companies understood a yawning gap in the world of entertainment services – a music challenge app that’s more than a platform to exhibit skills – a music challenge app that allows users to challenge others.

There were some apps that sprung up after Tiktok disappeared. Most of them have litigation to handle now.

So, here’s a list of what the next music challenge app in India should have:

Ironclad Copyright Features:

Tiktok was so huge so quickly that music companies ran to it to offer their digital content. This made their content safe and legal. If a dance challenge app has to work in India, the creators need to kowtow to the digital music companies.

The Simplest of Interfaces:

The suburbs and the rural audience made Tiktok the success it was. These individuals might be epic musicians and dancers, but they won’t have the wherewithal to use a complicated and cluttered interface. Any dance competition app in India should have a simple upload/post interface that’s as no-nonsense as its logical. Of course, a company can plan to have all the bells and whistles that a modern app should. But at the heart of it all, it should be a simple app that does a simple thing – allow dance challenges.

Interface in All Languages

India is a land of many languages, and a dance competition app in India should have an interface that talks to all locals in the language they are the most comfortable with.

That One Big Name

Tiktok has a new-kid-on-the-block until they started tying up with celebrities and getting them on board. Bollywood is all about big names.  It would be sensible for a dance app to tie up with the top dancers in India to get the initial buzz and fandom.

Promoting Talent

Over at, we are fans of Govinda, and we love the no-dance-is-difficult culture the man stands for. Today, we have countless people turning to dance and showing off their moves. We’d like a music challenge app that promotes new talent and gives a hark to the old.

The Budget to Promote

India still has a huge audience that watches tv and listens to the radio. We are still getting around to become a digital world. So, a music challenge app that wants to go to the people should have the budget to promote themselves on television and radio, which is a substantial budget.  Unless that’s in place, a music challenge app in India isn’t going anywhere.

What does a music challenge app do?

  • Allow users to upload their music and performance videos
  • Allow them to share it with others
  • Allow them to put up dance challenges to others.