The nineties was a great decade for Bollywood. In this decade, Bollywood finally broke away from the family-romance-action trope and made some landmark movies. The nineties also gave Bollywood almost every actor who’s ruling the roost and have had multiple blockbusters under their belt. In the nineties, it was compulsory for a debutante to know some kind of dance. Many press releases back in the day chirped about  dancing accolades that the debutant male or female had.

So, we look to answer the question, Who is the Best Bollywood Dancer from the 90s among Males.

Here’s a list:

  • Govinda: 

Govinda made his debut in the late eighties and had his breakthrough in the thriller Hatya. After that, there was no stopping for Govinda. He continued cartwheeling and dancing into the heart of the audiences until early 2000. In the nineties, Govinda was a rage because of his comic timing and his dance techniques. Back in the late eighties, choreographers spent a good minute or two of video to tell the audiences that they know who is the best dance from the nineties with several disco song routines featuring Govinda making the rounds.

  • Mithun Chakraborthy

Mithun Chakraborthy came on the scene much earlier. You will see him in other lists here. But he was very much the best dancer in Bollywood even in the nineties. He experienced superstardom from the eighties to the early nineties. Mithun did kitsch movies in this decade. He gave several popcorn fare movies, but his dance routines were unmatched. Even when he went on to play roles in smaller budget movies.

  • Prabhu Deva

And then came Prabhu Deva, one of the first celebrities who had a pan-India following – and all because of his dance prowess that was unique, different from anything that we have seen. His song sequences, Muqabala and Urvashi are the stuff of legends, with his directorial Street Dancer 3D recently featuring a remix of the Muqabla. Today, Prabhu Deva is a unique personality who directs and choreographs. But for the nineties Bollywood fan, Prabhu Deva is the definitive answer to the question, who is the best dancer in Bollywood in the nineties among male actors.

Honorable Mention:

It might be surprising for the newer audiences, but male actors putting on their dancing shoes wasn’t very mainstream until 2000s, with actors like Shahid Kapur and Hrithik Roshan beating the trend. In the nineties, the AAA actors like Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol and others more into the guns blazing and pistols akimbo sort of thing.  Sanjay Dutt did his thing with the 1990 blockbuster Thaanedar, where he matched step to step with none other than Madhuri Dixit, but that was a one-off and we have never seen him dance like that post Thaanedaar.

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