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The eighties in Bollywood was when it was growing up. It was still feeding on ideas to becoming the behemoth that it would become 20 years later. In the eighties, Bollywood movies were still a lot about song and dance.  The seventies and the eighties were mostly about genre movies that included socials. So, we had several actors dancing in step and performing song and dance routines that we  normally see in the musicals of the West. So, in the eighties, we still had some male actors who did a pretty good job of shaking a leg.

Here’s is the answer to the question, Who Is the Best Dancer in Bollywood from the Eighties

  • Govinda

While Govinda had his makeover as an action/comedy/dancing actor in the nineties, he had a different avatar in the eighties. In the eighties, he played the role of the youngest member of the family. His character went to college, the girls swooned after him, and he solved problems. So, his character usually had a college fest that had him win the dance competition. Govinda and Mithun might have had the most songs set in a dance competition, through the eighties and the nineties.

  • Mithun Chakraborthy

Mithun Chakraborthy was at his peak in the eighties. He made his breakthrough with movies like Suraksha and Disco Dancer in this decade. Disco Dancer was India’s Rocky for the dance community.  Mithun has been in more dance themed movies and song sequences with dance competition background than any of his contemporaries.

  • Jeetendra

In the late nineties, Jeetendra was winning Lifetime Achievement Awards. But even before that, through the seventies and the eighties, Jeetendra was the Jumping Jack of Bollywood, termed such for his vigorous dancing. Jeetendra was also one of the first actors to have started a fashion trend in India, with his white shoes and tshirt.

It’s interesting to see that the list answering Who is the best Dancer in Bollywood is dwindling as we go ahead in the decades. Incidentally, debut actors who didn’t work in Bollywood in all decades were promoted as the answer to Who is the best dancer in Bollywood with their movies that had extended dance sequences.

In a Nutshell

These were the three names that ruled the roost not just in the eighties but the better part of the seventies as well. Apart from Govinda, both Mithun and Jeetendra were active in the seventies. In the eighties, Bollywood scripts took to a bit more violence, and action stars like Sanjay Dutt and Sunny Deol were immensely popular. In the eighties, several producers teamed up stars and that gave rise to four leading stars in the movies.  Dual leads in almost a thing of the past now, and that’s something that the Bollywood veterans rue.

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