Tik Tok, when it came to India, was one of the most successful apps in the shortest span of time. The app generated an unprecedented buzz and had organic growth among the young in India.  With the tides turning and Tik Tok exiting India,  there was talk of a Tiktok alternative. During the pandemic,  several apps tried to ape Tik Tok, but none garnered the kind of success that Tik Tok did.  While we don’t know when and if Tiktok will ever return to India, the existence and then the disappearance of the app now creates the question, why India needed Tik Tok and why it needs a Tik Tok alternative.  This article is an answer to that question. Read on.

Why India Needs a Tik Tok Alternative

  • Tiktok gave a platform to the unplatformed

People who followed Tiktok will tell you that the most number of their videos were shot by the rural population and consisted of what one would term as ‘lowbrow’ entertainment.  But along with that, Tiktok was also the grooming grounds for future Internet celebrities who were just learning the ropes of the Internet. Yes, there were professionals from all walks of life on Tiktok, from cooks to fashion designers to people who were famous for being famous.

For some reason, the Tiktok crowd didn’t think twice before shooting their videos in houses that never saw a coat of paint or those with no concrete on their brick-walls – something that we rarely see on YouTube. India needs such a low-brow, middle-of-the-road content platform. We laughed at it back then, but some of the Tiktok videos became forever famous on pages like these.

  • Tik Tok made money for the people who weren’t rich and the rich

Tik Tok wasn’t just a great money-making platform for the people who otherwise couldn’t make money online.  It was the only platform for them. We read news reports of how barbers in a rural area made some money off Tiktok via their videos. That’s not the only case. Several celebrities came onto Tiktok added that profile to the social media profiles that would promote brands. It was a win-win situation. While the celebrities can still make money off their Facebook and Twitter and Instagram social media profiles, the average enthucutlet from the rural area can’t. Tik Tok was definitely in the offing for making money – with even mainstream directors talking about making one-minute videos on Tiktok the next big thing.

  • Tik Tok was an alternative to everything

All online platforms have some rules and regulations, and several creators fall foul to them. With Tik Tok, the Indian content creators had an alternative. If they were ever kicked out from a platform, they had Tik Tok. Today, if an Indian content creator falls foul of Google and Facebook, they don’t have anywhere to go to. That’s why Tik Tok was a necessary app in the world of Indian entertainment.

These are some of the reasons that India does need a Tiktok replacement. Whether it will get it or not, is another question. Like this article? Don’t forget to visit www.bechuzi.com for more.