India is the land of the arts. We have a dance, acting, stories right that form the very culture of the country. We also have the biggest entertainment industry – comprising of movies, music, and live performances.  The digital wave is still coursing through India. We are the next big market for apps that are about entertainment and music.  With so many apps hitting India, there’s one question that every app maker must be asking – why is there’s no famous dance challenge app in India? At, we have often ourselves this question, and we thought of writing an article about exactly that –

Why There’s No Famous Dance Challenge App In India?

We have one too many dance reality shows on TV

We have several cable channels, and each of them has at least a couple of dance reality shows. Television has a lot more penetration than any app, so the Indian audience and performers haven’t yet realized the need for a separate app that would do the task of challenging dancers from all over the country.

We Yet Don’t Challenge Each Other

Dance challenges in themselves haven’t become a big thing. Some rare movies in the nineties had dance challenges, full-blown dance sequences where the protagonist and his love interest would challenge the college bully, but that concept somehow faded by the time the millennium came in.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t competitive – we are competitive, the concept of throwing challenges hasn’t caught up as yet.

The music industry is a copyright smorgasbord

We are yet struggling with concepts like free music, copyright-free music, and other such aspects of music in entertainment. A dance challenge app in India would need to have – and provide – music to the dancers to dance to and throw challenges. We need a behemoth to sign up with the music companies to have that kind of inventory.

Our famous dancers are too busy to be challenging each other

We have a few famous dancers, and all of them are at that stage of their lives that they don’t need to throw challenges. We have Hrithik Roshan, Madhuri Dixit – who has her app -, Prabhu Deva, Tiger Shroff, and so many others. But they are busy doing other things, like making some awesome movies. So, we don’t really have the front base that’s keen on challenging each other.

The Market’s Not As Big as E-Sports

That’s not to say Indians don’t like competitions or challenges. We have a growing audience and players of e-sports, including games like Counter-Strike. No country in the world must be waiting for the return of an online shooter like India is waiting for the return of PUBG.  But with Tiktok and its disappearance, there’s a yawning gap out there that everyone’s looking to fill.

These are the simple reason why we don’t have a famous dance challenge app in India. But with the digital world changing every moment, there should be one on the way, or do we have one on the way already?

  • We definitely need a dance app in India.
  • During the pandemic, several apps sprung up.