Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 1984 is gearing up towards its release. The superhero movie is all set to hit cinemas on Christmas weekend. The release will be expected to bring the crowd back to the theatres.

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Gal Gadot’s little daughters, Maya (3) & Alma(9) are all set to make their debut in the Wonder Woman 1984. The news is enough to make all of us far more excited for the film.

Talking to the portal, Gal said, “They always come to visit set, and it takes a village.”

Gal Gadot added, “Patty (Jenkins’) family and my family became veryclose, so our kids used to come to set  often, so did our husbands. Having them participate for a moment in the movie was something very special for me .b They are part of this journey and they are part of the movie . I was  happy we found the perfect moment to do a surprise.”

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Director Patty Jenkins told the website, “Her son is playing snowballs with Gal Gadot’s daughter. My son is in the film out of necessity. I needed a kid three different times so I changed his hair. He plays three different characters in the movie.”

Gal Gadot recently said that the complexity of her superhero avatar Wonder Woman compelled her to revisit the character in the upcoming sequel.