Wonder Woman 1984 finally has a release date and there’s more news. The movie will release in theaters as well as HBO Max. For Indian audiences, it’s still a complicated issue. Firstly, it’s unclear whether HBO Max will offer the blockbuster Wonder Woman 1984 to its Indian audiences.  And what’s surprising is that there’s still no concrete dare for a WW84 India release. The movie’s releasing in spurts and bursts since December 18 on all the continents.

Unlike a Sony release, Indian audiences will see the theatrical release even after it releases in Dubai and several other countries. This opens the movie for piracy. With piracy websites getting movies within hours of their release, the movie will definitely find its way to the piracy channels, making the entire experience a bad one for Indian audiences.

There’s No India Release Date for Wonder Woman 1984

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The Indian piracy situation is bad.   The audience that laps down the pirated content in India doesn’t bother about the quality of the video. From screener to Blu-ray, everything works for the pirate-friendly audience in India.

The Indian piracy scenario is so bad that many people still don’t realize – or don’t want to  – that piracy is illegal and they can go behind bars if they indulge in it. Even today, there are full-fledged websites in India that offer links to pirated movies, music, and shows.

Patty Jenkins directs Wonder Woman 1984

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The entertainment industry is still clutching at reeds to understand how to start out things during the pandemic. Their experiments with releasing movies haven’t really worked. Firstly, the makers released Tenet in the US, but that didn’t set the stage on fire. Many audiences stayed away.

In India, several big-ticket movies announced that they will be hitting the streaming platforms. Netflix and Amazon were generous to Indian audiences with the slew of movies and series that hit their platforms during the lockdown.

However, with movies like Khaali Peeli and Laxmii not interesting to the audiences, the concept of a streaming release seems to have petered down in India.

Warner Bros will have to think about their strategy of releasing their movie in India. Traditionally, apart from the Batman series, none of the other DC movies have gained many fans following in India. Even Birds of Prey just managed to scrape through with the fans.

The DC franchise that’s working well in India is Wonder Woman. With the pandemic exhaustion settling down, there’s every chance that the audience swarms to the theaters to watch the latest superhero movie that stars Gal Gadot.