Introduction of Lyrical Dance

Due to the lack of recognition of lyrical dance form many people don’t know about its existence. Lyrical dance is a form of expression where the dancer expresses their actual feelings through the song. Vernon Monteiro had a vision of making a platform where all lyrical dancers can come together to cherish their art. He started the dance battle, ‘FEEL’. The mission of this dance battle is to make people aware of its existence and encourage all lyrical artists. Remo D’Souza, the acclaimed dance personality presented at FEEL Season 1 as a mentor.

Feel Season 1

“Feel Season 1”, the world’s first-ever lyrical battle was held in 2016. 300+ lyrical dancers came for an audition from across the states. The artist who won FEEL season 1 was Sushant Khatri. He was the best performer of season 1. Sushant Khatri made himself renowned after winning the title. His graph has been changed by winning which encouraged all other artists and that’s how it was decided to be held FEEL 2 soon.

About Feel Season 2

After the successful journey of FEEL Season 1, it was time for FEEL season 2.

FEEL season 2 was held in 2017. The judging panel belonged to different dance communities. The 5 judges were Amit Rokade, Sagar Bora, Abhishek Das, Shubhankar Gawade, and Vernon Monteiro. The appreciation from the dancers multiplied this time. The audition across the states of India this time brought several more dancers.

Mohan Singh won the Second Season. He now works as a choreographer in many reality shows and with celebrities.

Feel 3

FEEL 3 is the third season of FEEL. After the success of season 1 and season 2, Vernon paved the path for FEEL Season 3.  The audition of feel season 3 happened before the pandemic later in 2021 Feel season 3 restarted. The hype is excellent. As the audition was beyond expectations similarly the dancers who cross the audition path were the most amazing and the most creative dancers of feel.

At Feel season 3 the judging panel consists of  Mr. Amit Rokade the renowned artist and choreographer, Mr.Abhishek Das the famous and unique choreographer, and Mr.Akash Kamble aka Axi. To bring dancers from across the country to the platform together is a task. The competition is high,  as the dancers refined their talent in the pandemic period.

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