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Akansha Mishra is a dance participant of FEEL 3. She started with Bollywood but for the last 5 years, she is doing it lyrical dance style. She finds Lyrical Storytelling as a dance style for herself where she can present her story. 

Akansha Mishra wishes to take her untold story to the world through the stage of FEEL 3. She wants to show the world how beautiful this world this with her dance. 

 FEEL is a stage for all of the dancers who wish to showcase their dance on a stage like never before. This show is not biased and appreciates their passion for dance.

Akansha Mishra has a unique message for everyone. We hope she makes it to the finals and achieves her goals. To follow her dance journey follow Bechuzi and be a part of her journey by Chuzi Tv.